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Enjoy the convenience and luxury of a modern music system. Stream music throughout your house without seeing a single speaker.

Make your favourite movies and TV shows come to life with the latest surround sound and projection technology.

Send Ultra HD 4k video around your entire house or building using the latest UTP and Fibre optic technology.

Lighting Control

A well designed lighting control system allows you to refine your buildings environment and create the perfect atmosphere for the occasion.

Discover the practical benefits in a large home or commercial premises as well as unlocking energy savings with technology such as daylight harvesting.


Provide your loved ones with peace of mind by installing high definition surveillance cameras to monitor your home or business. Access and view multiple cameras from your mobile devices anywhere in the world.

More than just alarms. Integrate building systems to react to intruders by turning on site wide lighting, or have your driveway lighting turn on as your gates open.


The smartest, most expensive technology is useless unless it is simple, intuitive and reliable.

Take control with a sleek hard button remote control, a customized iPad app, or an elegant wall mounted touch screen. paper for plagiarism for free